Suneast Indonesia

Portable 4 Burner

•Depth is 803 mm.
• Flame failure device for all burners.
•Adjustable burner flame
•Indivictual pilot and thermocouple for
each burner.
•Piezo igniter for all concealed burners.
•Optional accessories – flat packed
stainless steel stand.
•Modular design: parts can casily be taken out for cleaning.
•Enamel trivers.
– Open bumer: 6.7 kw(22,800 btu/hr)- N.G.
– Griddle burner: 6.2 kw(21,300 btu/hr)-N.G.
– Oven burner: 8.3 kw (28,400 btu/kw)-N.G.

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